Cooper’s First Hike


Today we took Cooper on his first hike! We started the whole process on Friday, when we tested out a “kid pack”.


Made by one of my favorite brands Osprey; we settled on the Poco Plus model. Thankfully, he LOVED it (walked around the store for a little bit to test it out). Once we were done testing, we headed home for an early morning.

img_7722 img_2446 img_1591 img_0185 img_0182 img_0183 img_0175 img_0177 img_0176 d4aaa819-bf48-4f82-8bfd-e8d12ce1c01d

After having brunch with Claude, Bekah, and Ben we headed over to the trailhead. We all geared up and started hiking towards the overlook, which gave us some beautiful views. Along the way I used my Theta S to capture some cool 360 photos and even a short video!

img_0589 img_3304 img_2674 img_4754

Cooper had a total blast on this “ride” and he ended up conking out 3/4 the way through.



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