Market Garden Brewery Tour with Cleveland Local Guides



After a crazy latter half of the year, we finally had another Cleveland Local Guides event this past weekend. We had a private tour of the new Market Garden Brewery space, located across the street from the existing Market Garden space. This new brewery (with a nice little gift shop) opened up this year (to the public at least) to manage their production for beers that they bottle.

img_3192 img_3195 img_3201

While it is open for tours during the weekends, we decided to have a private tour for a small group of us on Friday night after they closed for the day. We got to see various parts of the brewing process from milling grains to the bottling line. I don’t want to spoil parts of the tour, so I will just post photos instead.


img_3202 img_3206 img_3234 img_3231 img_3222 img_3219

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