Extra Life 2017 Recap

This past year was my 4th year participating in Extra Life. It’s an absolute blast for me. I truly enjoy the fundraising lead up throughout the summer as well as the 24 hour gaming marathon event in our office outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Every year, more and more people participate in our office and more people make it to daybreak and beyond. I did fall short of my goal this year ($2,500) and only raised $2,390 for the University Hospitals – Rainbow Babies and Children’s. We are very close to UH Rainbow – our son Cooper spent some time there over the holidays and we got to experience first hand how critical these dollars are to their programs and level of care they provide.

This year my gaming experience was different than years past – I brought a PC gaming rig for the first time ever AND played my first *ever* game of Dungeons and Dragons. Bringing a PC gaming rig allowed me to play with other coworkers that were PC only which was really awesome. I got in a few games of Overwatch and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which got really tense at moments. Playing Dungeons and Dragons was really fun too – it was neat to see how 6 people could view something in our minds in the same way. I livestreamed my entire experience that night, you can see some clips below.

While I tried to stay up til noon on Saturday, I did fall asleep in a chair while playing Destiny. I caught this moment awkwardly on my livestream. Despite dozing, I did wake up in time for our annual Halo craziness in the morning as well as a team photo.

I’m very excited for this year’s event – year 5 for me! If you want, you can donate to my page here but I will be officially kicking off fundraising this summer.

Note: While this event is physically hosted by Acumen Solutions, my views/thoughts are my own. I don’t pretend to speak for Acumen and neither should you 🙂

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