Some thoughts on the Halo Infinite Tech Test

At long last, the team at 343 industries released a technical test for Halo Infinite ahead of the launch later this year. To say I was excited to be a part of this test would be an understatement as I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this game since 2020. This test was available on both PC (via Steam) and Xbox and offered both a firing range and 4v4 versus bots. There was a limited version of a battle pass present alongside a smattering of customization options for your weapon,vehicle, and Spartan. Below are some of my thoughts so far:

  • The game looked visually WAY better than the last time we saw it and I like the updated visuals.
  • It was great to finally see some prosthesis options for your Spartan even if it sorta reminded me of the same thing in Call of Duty (heavyweight combat first robotics).
  • The weapons (both old and new) “felt” good to fire and were hard to cluster shots, regardless of platform. This really makes me wish Razer offered a mouse with a vibration option.
  • The HUD and button mapping feel refreshingly familiar.
  • I wasn’t able to get my hands on the new grappling hook thingsbob but at least got to test the gravity hammer (which “fires” WAY slower than Halo 5 and is almost unusable in combat).
  • I certainly hope the loading menus aren’t dependent on a cloud connection to function (ala how it is with Halo 1-5 today) as server issues basically prevent you from doing ANYTHING.
  • The battle pass looks pretty standard if not vanilla at this point – while I am not particularly thrilled at paying for another battle pass, it does appear to be worthwhile. I have a LOT of XP boosts stocked up from last year so at least I can unlock a bunch of stuff quickly.
  • I’m curious to see if you can unlock customizations from the campaign side and if that carries over to the battle pass and vice versa.
  • The skins and stuff seem in line with what you could get in Halo 5 via the loot box system.  
  • I am hoping they do bring back the player vs bots games too (that is usually the version of multiplayer Halo I do these days)
  • Unsure if I am automatically in the next Beta or not – here is to hoping! 

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