Joe Sterne Photography, San Francisco Botanical Garden, Google SF Photowalk, the Photowalk Alliance,

Joe is in his mid 30’s living in the Cleveland area (OH).  He is often found behind cameras trying to capture what he sees and share it with others. Follow him around his interesting experiences and situations in life.

Also, please don’t steal our images and/or text. We know it’s tempting with the internet and all, but these photos are copyright 2009-2022 by Joe Sterne/Julia Sterne. If you would like to use an image or borrow our brains for a guest post, please contact us at jsterne1 at gmail dot com. We can start chatting from there. (p.s We’re available to hire as well!)

Unless otherwise noted by Joe or Julia Sterne, none of the photographs or images on this website may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without the express written permission of Joe or Julia Sterne.

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