Lakeside Living

I am typing this lakeside of Lake Palestine, outside Tyler, TX. It is absoutlely amazing weather, but too cold to swim here (it’s 50-ish degree water) so we will be BBQ’ing and enjoying the sun/weather here. I never knew how much green and water is in Texas- for some reason I thought it was mostly desert. The forest really reminds of the forests of Philmont, in Cimarron, NM (which isn’t that far away from where we are sitting today.) We are both looking forward to the sunset on the lake and relaxing before hitting several states (most we haven’t been to before) in the next couple days.  We are both pretty excited to see all of these new places!

Having laptops and the internet at our fingertips this entire trip really has changed how we have traveled compared to years past. It’s effortless to not only Google map directions, but to find a specific location on our route is quite easy. We don’t worry about getting lost, as we have all the tools we would need to locate ourselves anywhere. Not going to lie, it’s kinda fun!

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