Project Art (week of October 11th 2010)

Welcome to this week’s edition of Project Art!

This week I am showcasing pictures I have taken (both iPhone and my point and shoot) that were edited with the Instagram application. This application (for iPhone and iPod Touch) applies different filters to photos to give them a “vintage” feel. When used prudently, these filters can add an extra layer of depth to a photo that wasn’t there before. If misused, it can actually take away from the experience you are trying to give the viewer.

Instagram is similar to the app Hipstamatic in that both apps give your digital photos an analog look. Instagram is different from Hipstamatic in the fact that it is free and offers a unique community aspect. When you upload a photo using the Instagram app, you can share your photos with other Instagram users. This is a cool feature that allows you, much like Flickr groups, to see other people’s work easily. As long as Instagram can offer more filters/updates in the future, I believe this will quickly become a killer app for iOS.


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