Some 2016 Updates

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I’ve been lazy on the blog front in 2016 for a variety of reasons, some more important than others. (See: newborn) However, I do have some stuff that I have been working on that is “shareable” that you hopefully will see the results of later this year.

  • Local Guides Summit
  • Evernote Community Leader Program
  • Extra Life 2016

Local Guides Summit: As you may know, I’ve been involved with Google Local Guides since it was founded. Being part of the inaugural San Francisco group was quite an honor and I’ve been adding to Google Maps ever since. I’ve been lucky to participate in some awesome events over the yearsBesides writing reviews and taking photos, I’ve really gotten into photospheres. These 360 degree photos were commonly seen on Google Maps (Street View) for the last couple years but now you can take them with a cellphone or a standalone 360 camera. Taking these with a phone requires some skill, so I have spent the last couple years experimenting.

joe sterne, not so sterne photography, melbourne, australia

I’m lucky enough to have been chosen to attend the 1st ever Local Guides Summit in San Francisco later this year. On site on Google’s campuses in San Francisco/Mountain View, it’s 3 jam-packed days of learning and fun with other local guides from around the world. I’ll share what I can while I’m there and plan to try out a new photo workflow (DSLR -> iPad). I’m honored to be attending and can’t wait to go back to San Francisco!

baker beach, Polaroid, sfbattpw13, battery, san francisco, photowalk alliance, joe sterne photography

Also, if you live in Cleveland, I am refocusing on the unofficial Local Guides group activities. We are having our first photowalk this Saturday at 2pmclick here for the event details. There will be more events in the future. If you have ideas of where to go/want to help, let me know!

cleveland auto show, joe sterne, not so sterne photography, ix center,

Evernote Community Leader: On the topic of San Francisco Bay Area based companies, I recently completed my training as an Evernote Community Leader (ECL). This brand new program from Evernote (digital note taking software) allows passionate users of  (like myself) to spread the word and share ideas with the community. I’ve had an Evernote account since 2009, but really started using it in earnest in 2013. Since then, I’ve grown to really love the service and look forward to sharing ideas with others in the Cleveland area. Like the Local Guides, ECL’s are around the world too! If you are curious about Evernote/Evernote Community Leaders, shoot myself or Charlotte Boyd a ping.


Extra Life 2016: Our successful Extra Life team (Acumen Solutions) is back to raise money for the kids. Extra Life is a 24 hour video game marathon (trust me, it’s harder than it sounds) that our office hosts. Last year we blew past our goal of $5,000 and raised a little over $8,000! This year, our goal is $10,000 so we are pulling out all the stops to get donations. Expect to see some fun “commercials” from a few of us on the Extra Life team as well as a stream series with Patrick McCombs and myself. I have large ambitions with this stuff so hopefully most stuff works out! Want to donate to me? Click here.


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