In Memory Of Henry Sterne

Today I’m boarding a plane to go put my brother Henry in the ground at our family plot in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. For those readers who didn’t know, my brother tragically perished in a freak car accident on August 6th, 2016 in the early morning. He was driving a new (to him) Honda S2000 convertible headed to Katie’s Cars and Coffee and swerved into a dirt berm right over an apex of a hill (we think its a deer that caused the accident).


As soon as I got the call from my dad (who was overseas at the time), we jumped in the car and spent the following week with my family/extended family in Northern Virginia while we got things prepared for his funeral on the following Saturday. That Saturday morning, I drove his prized Mercedes SEC to Katie’s Cars and Coffee (to make sure he “got there” one last time) and had a de facto funeral procession in the process. There was also a memorial at Katie’s. I’m completely humbled/blown away at the tremendous outpouring of support, both in person and online for him.

We then had an emotional funeral which was filled with touching tributes from family, friends, and coworkers. We found the largest funeral home we could find and it still ended up being standing room only. From there, we headed to Vienna for a memorial brunch. Took me a while to make this video below as a tribute to him

Today, we finally put him to rest in the family plot. A hole wasn’t punched in me on the 6th- rather I was blown apart. I’ve tried to return to normal and keep a happy face on right now but life looks pretty dark right now. I’ve thrown myself into hobbies to try to keep my spirits up- I’m not sure if it’s working but it’s a start. It’s been an emotionally draining summer for me (my father in law was in the hospital for most of the month of July) so I hope the fall slows down.

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I miss Henry so much. I don’t think life will ever truly return to “normal” again for me.

If you would like, please donate to Vehicles for Change in Henry’s honor.

One response to “In Memory Of Henry Sterne”

  1. Joe, I am your granddad’s cousin by marriage. We live in Columbia md. I am a great fan of all things Sterne, especially your grandmother Barbara. I have lost touch with her and would like to reconnect. If you have a phone please send to joan forester,
    Your tribute to Henry is beautiful,strong and loving. You have a gift!. Family is a beautiful thing as you now know with Cooper’s arrival. The Carrigans / Foresters wish for peace and an easing of your grief. Joan


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