Small Beginnings

joe Sterne photography, #c2c12, , tomtom

So the day of my biggest road trip to date (Sea to Sea 2012) has finally arrived! I’m writing this post from Jellybean as we are cruising down I-70 headed to our destination of Cleveland, Ohio.

joe Sterne photography, #c2c12,

Attached to the roof of Jellybean is a GoPro HERO2 that I’ve rented from BorrowLenses. It’s set up to capture a time-lapse of the drive (while I test the limits of its battery endurance/suction cup mount). I’ve also rented a 24-70 f2.8 L to put on my 1D Mark II as its “walkabout lens”.

joe Sterne photography, canon 1d mk ii, t2i, 24-70 L, 17-55 ef-s f2.8

After playing one of “our” songs to mark the trip, we started the trip and headed off!

joe Sterne photography, #c2c12, , kia soul

joe Sterne photography, #c2c12,

Randomly given a dollar coin this morning at the gas station. We will take it to the west coast with us.

joe Sterne photography, #c2c12,

Even Marcy is excited to finally get on the road!

joe Sterne photography, #c2c12, marcythedog

I’ll be posting quite a bit over the next week and a half as we all make our way across the nation. Follow us here and let us know if there is a place we have to see 🙂

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